★ Hardcore punk from Tel Aviv ★

"Our roots are in the antifascist punk / football scene and so is our political stand - Always antisocial. Always antifascist!

As punx who live under the heavy influence of the Israhelli / Palestinian conflict - We strongly believe people are not to blame for the actions of their governments.

This album (Black Sheep) is a projection of our lives here. We are the unwanted children of the regime, the outcast that never got along in society. We write about our government's hypocrisy, on our national past, present and (lack of) future and where we as antifascist fit in this madness.

We hope one day the people of this forsaken land could actually know peace in their hearts. Till that day - We're here!"

The new Helem's album "Black Sheep" depicts a sheep in wolfs' clothing which is actually an opposite to a classical image, where somebody hide malevolent intentions behind a harmless appearance. Is it a symbolic meaning that you try to look dangerous and worse than you are indeed?

Just on point! As “old” punx I think we can put the bullshit aside and so people for who they really are. Must (not all) punx promote positive aspects of living, politically active or at least have their hearts in the right place. I don’t mean we’re sheeps in the sense that we follow the rules but in the scene of heaving a clean heart and conscious.

helem punk band
The song Europa is a lovely serenade about the continent without borders. Was this song born after your tour around Europe? (But actually Europe is a damn fortress where only the privileged ones are allowed to enter...)

Again, straight on point! The song was written while driving from Prague to Leipzig. As israhelli we can’t cross any border with our neighboring countries, so it still amazes us in a way. The lyrics appear as of a love song but if you actually read, it is well aware of the sad realty – History teach that Europe is as bloody as it’s beautiful.

How the song Work Together was created that it was featured with The Oppressed?

Out of having to much fucking time in quarantine (: Just wrote Roddy Moreno - we think of doing this song in punk rock and we’d be honored to have him sing on it. he said – cool, lets do it!
Gonna take the time to thank him again – what a great experience it is to work together with one of the Antifa movement greatest.

What song from "Black Sheep" is "must-Listen" to your opinion and why?

We’re Here, the first song on the LP – then continue listening to the last.

helem black sheep vinyl

Do you have some epic failed experience touring as a band?

Nothing is a ““failure”” but epic, unforgettable, totally insane experiences we had a lot. Could say, every minute of every hour touring Georgia is a crazy mix of win and fail. Nothing like any place we toured – miss everything about the place and people who hosted us. David, when is the next round?!

So, when Europe will see Helem playing? Any plans?

Listen, we really want to tour – especially vist all the label who help us putting this LP out, Unfortunately, covid took a huge tole on our connection with punk contacts, 3 years is a long fucking time

So, to everyone who reads this: if you want us to come, we’d come in a heartbeat! We need your help booking us in your town, the rest is on us. Talk to us and we’ll organize a tour for September ‘23 or whenever – we’re on!


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